CCTV in South Africa: Legal Requirements

Here at I.T. Vision, we attend to many different services; including server and network solutions, audio and visual solutions, Domain & email hosting, Computer & laptop sales/upgrades, ADSL/LTE installations & support and much more, but did you know we also do CCTV Installations & maintenance too?

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In South Africa security is always an issue and CCTV cameras are a common sight. Maybe your business is in a dangerous area. Maybe you’re trading in valuable products or perhaps you want CCTV cameras because it makes your insurance cheaper.

Whatever your reasons for wanting these cameras, you still have to comply with the requirements of the law.

CCTV cameras sometimes make people feel uncomfortable.

They make some people feel like criminals. Many feel it’s an infringement on their rights.

Even so, businesses feel that they need them for security purposes.

Many businesses say that should something go wrong, it’ll be recorded on camera and they can then use the recording to legally prosecute criminals.

This, however, is not strictly correct.

If you or your business have some of these cameras, you have to comply with the legal requirements regarding privacy.

You might not be able to use your recordings from your CCtv camera if you do not comply with the law.

Privacy legislation protects the rights of your employees and visitors.

In terms of this legislation you or your business are obliged to inform your employees and visitors that cameras have been installed.

You or your business have a legal obligation to protect the privacy and integrity of your employees and all others who enter your premises, whether they are suppliers, clients or the general public.

There may also not be any cameras in private areas, e.g. changing rooms, bathrooms, toilets, etc.

If you are wanting to install security cameras, you are obliged to put up a notice.

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