We experienced various problems with CCTV cameras and IT in the past. IT Vision was the company to call & they are eager to help in any circumstance. They consist of various qualified IT engineers, that complete projects punctual with effortless friendliness and professional service
Etienne Strydom , Oiltrek Mpumalanga
I was looking to change our IT service provider as we seemed to have a number of issues that our original service providers couldn’t seem to resolve. We decided to give Henk and his team a go. They came out to assess the problems we were having and sorted most of our troubles out in a very short space of time, either resolving the issue / proposing a rectifictaion plan going forward. Since then, they made great improvements to our IT infrastructure, allowing us to operate smoothly with minimum downtime.

We strongly recommend IT Vision for any business. Their service is always professional & friendly and their turnaround time is great!

Lisa Constable, Sahara African Aviation
We have dealth with IT Vision for the past couple of years and are satisfied in the way they conduct their business. Swift response and professional service is part of their vision. We recommend IT Vision for all your IT problems.
Mary Hall, Forestry Plant and Equipment
IT Vision is known to our offices in Nelspruit since January 2008 and have had good working relationships with them since then. Our office was a small operation back in 2008 and we received the same quality service throughout the years as we grew from 3 people in the office to 30.

IT Vision was a great help when we moved our offices end of 2013. They did the network and cabling for us that helped make our move more hassle free. The products that we receive from IT Vision are of the highest quality, they have the expertise to help with any IT related problems. They know it all and can satisfy any IT needs that arise in our office.

We would like to thank them for their years of assistance and we hope that there will be many more years of the good working relations with their company

Jannene Smith, Pieter Nel Attorneys