What Is Access Control?

An Access Control system is, as the name implies, a system to control and record access of your employees to specific areas at certain times and to record their Time and Attendance.

The logs that the system keeps are intended for security auditing purposes only. A T&A system requires a lot more than simple IN/OUT transactions!

A proper Time and Attendance system, will take logs and process them according to a strict set of rules. These rules are based on how your company works – what time You start their day, what time You end their day, lunch breaks, permissible overtime and so on.

These rules are largely dictated by the ‘Basic Conditions of Employment Act’. However, the rules will vary from company to company.

What Is The Main Function of Time and Attendance Systems?

The main function of a Time and Attendance system is to generate reports of hours that staff/employees worked. This report needs to be able to reflect Normal time, Time and half, Double time and any other special time allocations that your company may require.
These reports need to be able to be filtered by person, department, date, day, week or month.

How Does The Law Affect Time & Attendance Systems?

South African law is different from the rest of the world in the rules that govern our working hours. Typically working more than a certain number of hours of normal time a month would automatically end up being overtime.
Conversely if there is a short fall in normal time, but the person has worked overtime, that can be flowed down to fill the short fall in normal time. Unlike the rest of the world which only has Normal time and Overtime, South Africa requires at least Normal Time, Time and Half and Double time, each with its own conditions attached.
The reports must be calculated based on work rules, as well as requirements and leniency of the law.
There are a huge number of Time and Attendance options out there and it is important that the system selected be compliant with the laws, be flexible enough to meet the requirements of the company, and be supported and backed up by all suppliers.

With I.T. Vision You will get this and a lot more. I.T. Vision focuses on being compliant with the laws and meeting the requirements of your company.
 Always remember that Access Control/Time and Attendance is a service that I.T. Vision offers.

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