To renew licence click on link below:
Choose the option which best suites you and there renewed your licence is!
Ensure that modem/router is switched on and plug as well on the unit itself
Ensure that cables are correctly connected into all necessary ports
Ensure that all lights on modem are on and constant
On Desktop right click mouse
Choose “ Properties” options
Select Desktop/ Screen saver tab
Select image for Desktop/ Screen Saver
Click Apply then okay
Enjoy your personalised computer!
Microsoft Windows:
Windows is your operating system. It is the basis of the GUI (Graphical user interface) that allows you to use the hardware of the computer, as well as let you run certain programs, games etc. on your computer.
Microsoft Office:
Office allows you to type text documents, make slide shows, spreadsheets and more with programs like Microsoft Word/Excel/ PowerPoint/ Outlook/OneNote.
There are different Office packages so that you are enabled to only by what suites your needs.
Memory (RAM- Temporary Storage):
RAM is the processing ability of your computer. If you are only using a single program, the RAM doesn’t need to do much. If you are using 10 programs and switching between them all, then your RAM is getting stretched. The more you have the more things you can run at once.
Hard Drive (Permanent Storage) :
The Hard Drive is where everything is stored; you’re movies, programs and all system files. It is a place where things are put so they can be accessed again in future.
The CPU is the ‘brain’ of the computer. It is where all decision making takes place. The CPU/Processor of the computer determines the rate at which the computer can process or “Carry Out” instructions. The more instructions the CPU can carry out and the faster things get done.
The speed of the CPU is measured in Gigahertz (GHz). The most average speed for a normal Home/ Business computer on a processor is 2.9 GHz.
A lot of retail stores sell computer/Laptops and more at great prices! Is this really just great special or is this a buy that will cost you more at the end?
That is where we come in! When buying a new computer look at the following:
CPU/ Processor
Hard Drive Space
Operating system
Contact us at IT Vision so that we can quote you on something that will meet your personal requirements?
Always ensure that all software needed is incl. when buying. Windows is not always incl. when buying without an operating system your computer won’t be able to run. Retail stores tend to say that Microsoft Office is incl. Always ask your sales consultant if this is a full legal registered version or only a 30 day trial.
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