5 top tips to catching malware in the act

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Computer running slower than usual? Here are five simple ways to find out if your Apple or Windows PC is being held back by malware or other malicious software…

It’s hard for the albeit extraordinary human brain to comprehend the behavior of Your computer at times. With the odd unexpected moment proving to be a one-off most of the time.

On the other hand, computers can be a bit like us sometimes – if there’s a change in behavior, it could mean something’s wrong.

Unfortunately, computers are vulnerable to potentially horrific malware infestations, so it’s important to stay ahead of the game and spot the symptoms early on.

A computer has been compromised by malware if:

You Can’t Seem to Use Google to Search Anymore

One obvious sign of malware is no longer seeing that recognizable “G” logo when you attempt to search online.it vision, google, malware

The browser navigation to Google will be redirected to something more unusual.

The redirection is often subtle to hide the fact that you have a pretty frustrating problem to deal with.

It becomes serious when Trojans divert your browser from your trusted bank’s website to a fraudulent version.

Always keep an eye on the address bar and make sure the site you’ve intended to visit is indeed the site you are on.

Your Social Media Has Started Posting Things You Haven’t Authorized

Posts that you haven’t written yourself may start to appear on your social media pages, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Malware that uses social media to do its dirty work will generate fake posts as long as it’s present on your computer.

These posts are desperately intended to pose as realistic social media updates. Which can encourage people to click on the associated link.

Whoever does this becomes next in a line of potential malware victims.

Popups Have Started Appearing Randomly on Your Computer

Now adware isn’t as common a problem as it once was, but this doesn’t stop them from hitting you with countless pop ups/advertisements when they can.

Malicious links are hidden in a jumbled-up mix of both genuine and fraudulent products.

The malicious links will take you to sites that dump additional malware onto your computer. Make sure you stay well away from these popups.

You’re Getting Warnings About Apparent Security Issues and Threats

Have you ever noticed the strangely unfamiliar security programs that accompany many online downloads?

These may seem harmless but in truth, they are deliberately attempting to install themselves onto your system.

You have to register a payment before any of these so-called “issues” can be dealt with. So it’s important to be vigilant and ignore these fake warnings.

You Don’t Notice Anything Strange At All

Malware has a knack of reappearing, which only leads to more frustration for us innocent web surfers.

The reason for its continual antics comes down to invisibility; something malware has become famous for.

Unfortunately, malware can stay hidden on your PC and show no signs of its whereabouts whatsoever.

Slowly but surely, your personal info or secure data may be compromised.

McAfee Store provides comprehensive security packages such as Total Protection to target malware that goes unnoticed.

Malware cannot frustrate your digital lifestyle anytime soon by having a robust security suite installed.

Just keep an eye out for these common symptoms of a malware infestation and immediately take action if you notice anything out of the ordinary.

Malware, IT Vision, antivirus