Broken Technology: Should You Fix it or Replace it?

Nothing lasts forever, Broken Technology included, so should you fix it or replace it?

Whether we accidentally spill liquid on them, drop them or they finally give in to wear and tear, in time and without question, all of our beloved electronics will eventually let us down.

So the question isn’t when will your gadget’s day of reckoning come, rather, it’s what will you do when it does?

Will you suck it up and pay to fix it? Or will you ditch it and buy a new one?

Deciding can be a tough nut to crack, especially if you’re too busy to crunch the repair vs. replace cost-benefit numbers. Instead, stick with this simple rule of thumb: If the expense of replacing the broken item is more than twice the cost of repairing it, it’s probably best to repair it

Tablet lovers, you’re in luck. Tablets are generally worth fixing if the cost of repairs doesn’t exceed R3000.

Replacing a broken tablet with a new one will likely cost you double, typically around R6000. Is a new tablet really worth it?

Probably not if you have to replace more than a few for butterfingered employees.

Now for the biggie, the almighty smartphone.

Repairing an ailing smartphone is typically a smarter money move than getting a new one.

So much for that shiny, new iPhone 6, huh? The average price of replacing a smartphone is about R7000 these days, whereas fixing one usually costs between R700 and R2000.

Switching to bigger electronics now, it’s generally best to replace desktop computers, ideally every three to four years.
On the other hand, laptops are generally more cost effective to repair.

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