What is Kwesé Play?

If you want to know, What is Kwesé Play?

It’s a Roku Powered streaming platform that uses the internet to deliver entertainment services to consumers across Sub-Sharan Africa.

It is the first and only Roku partner in Africa with a custom-built set-top box, sporting the iconic purple tag. It is sold through various retailers and resellers.

Because of its exclusive partnership with Roku, Kwesé Play gives you access to some of the biggest names in global video on demand. This includes Netflix and YouTube, plus a variety of over 200 carefully curated apps in the Kwesé Play Store.

What are the unique benefits of Kwesé Play?

The device uses dual-band WiFi and a fast processor to create a smooth streaming experience. It can easily be connected to your HD TV or monitor. If you don’t have WiFi, you can hook up your device with an Ethernet cable.

What makes it completely unique is that they have invested heavily in ensuring the best speed and quality of content gets sent to your TV screen. They have local servers strategically placed all over the continent for high-performance content delivery. You can rest assured that you are getting a world-class streaming experience every time.

Never before has streaming your favourite shows on your TV screen been so easy. Sit back and relax with Netflix, YouTube, Red Bull TV, TuneIn, Reuters TV and Bloomberg, to name a few. Not to mention, we don’t favour one content provider over the other, unlike most of the competitors. Explore hundreds of entertainment apps which range from movies and TV to education, games, music, news, sports, religion, and so much more. The best part of all is that there are no ads and no lag time.

Plus, the device is very mobile-compatible. If you are browsing apps like Netflix or YouTube on your smartphone, you can launch them straight to your TV with the device.

Who can use Kwesé Play?

Whether you are new to streaming or just want a streaming device that is simple and affordable, Kwese Play’s entry-level streaming device is for you. Kwesé Play turns your TV into a smart TV, instantly. If you already have a smart TV, you can turn it into an even better TV. For instant gratification and control of your TV experience, all you’ll need is a Kwesé Play box, an HD-capable TV or monitor, a free HDMI port and at least a 4Mbps internet connection.

What are the most popular apps on Kwesé Play?

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