10 Artificial Intelligence Applications that will change the future

Artificial Intelligence has already entered your life and Algorithms decide what your social media feed looks like and who should drive you home and by what route.

Siri and Alexa have become commonplace and people already interact with chat bots for getting basic information from various websites.

However, that is only scratching the surface.

Potential for this is limitless.

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1. Worldwide self-driving car and plane networks

It’s not just about self-driving cars but if it really succeeds then we’ll have an entire network of them and then subsequently a self-piloting plane network too. Such cars have been explored in some detail Artificial Intelligence in the films iRobot and Hot Tub Time Machine. But the biggest thing which most people miss is that if there’s no driver’s seat then the whole car can become a room. It will become a mobile room for business or pleasure. It could serve like a mobile hotel room or office where you work and still get to a destination no matter how far.

2. Writing articles, books and composing music

Artificial Intelligence can be programmed to take over the role of a journalist. Even when it comes to novels, then there are a limited number of basic plots and outcomes and a computer can be programmed to come out with several alternatives. The same goes for film scripts and even composing music.

3. Robots for teaching, assistance and companionship

Robots could be ideal for teaching repetitive tasks which have limited problems. They could even replace the basic schoolteacher. The elderly could get assistance while the lonely could get companionship. These themes have been explored in films like Robot & Frank and Her. Of course, this was explored in detail Artificial Intelligence by legendary sci-fi writer Isaac Asimov decades back wherein the 15-book reading order, a robot becomes the wisest entity in the entire universe.

4. Surgeons, nurses and diagnosis

Robotic surgery has already begun, and it could soon be extended to all forms of surgery, something on the lines of what was shown in the film Prometheus. If you wore a health band where your vitals were transmitted on a regular basis and had sensors and testers installed every time you went to the bathroom, then ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE could diagnose you and predict when you were going to fall ill and what should be done. Similarly, you could have robotic nurses to complete universal ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE healthcare.

5. Predicting the future

The greater data that you have, the more you analyse it better it will be for making predictions, not just your health, as mentioned above. Markets, populations, climate trends, natural disasters, supply and demand problems… the list is endless.

6. Extreme data crunching

It’s not just the future but analysing the present and trying to find solutions that are important. And it’s not just about billions of status messages that may not mean that much. There will be tens of billions of IoT (Internet of Things) devices that will transmit unprecedented data. There is no way any fleet of humans could manage that, and only ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE could do the trick and make sense of it all. Data analytics would go to the next level.

7. Deep space exploration

If at all we develop the technology for deep space travel, then ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE will boldly go where no man has gone before. Space is vast and exploration could take centuries and man may not be able to cope in the empty vacuum of space for years on end. An ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE-powered spaceship is the best bet for exploration, mapping of the universe and even making a suitable planet hospitable for future human colonies.

8. Deep fakes

These are quite dangerous and videos of anyone can be created from scratch making any human on earth do anything with highly advanced software. There is no real way of knowing whether they are tampered or not and they will greatly affect filmmaking, fake news propagation and video evidence in courts.

9. Creating cyborgs out of us all

While the TV and desktop led to drastic changes, but you always left them at home and went. Then when you carried around a laptop, you didn’t have the screen on all the time. Initially, mobiles were used to just for making calls and maybe accessing the Net from time to time. But now your smartphone is always on and has already become a part of you 24X7. That’s the first step to be a cyborg. The Internet of Wearable Things followed by cyber implants will change everything and man will go from Homo sapiens to go homo cyborgs.

10. Immortality

Silicon Valley billion Artificial Intelligence's are already seeking this. An immortal virtual body where the above cyborg may play an intermediary role. This theme has been explored in the film Transcendence.

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