What are the 10 things that you should demand and receive from your access control provider?

Access control providers carry on developing new and innovative technologies that provide greater control and value for end users. Technology is only one part of the access control story.

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Customer Service and Support

Access control systems require continuous service and support. One true measure of a vendor is what they can do to address and fix any issues. I.T. Vision supplies customer support above all great service.


Mobile applications are crucial for access control. As a result It adds convenience for employers and employees alike. They offer advantages including mobile credentialing and de-credentialing which help with staff and above all, employee problems.


No two A-control applications require the same functions. An off-the-shelf solution may not suit your needs. Your provider should accommodate customization to you or your company’s specific needs.


You will always have many ways to contact your staff/vendors. But what about the day that you can’t get hold of them? Delays can compromise your security. You need to be able to have someone who can be there to assist at all times.


Your a-control support system should have the knowledge , skills and above all, expertise to help you make better and also more informed decisions about an a-control installation.


In-person training is important. It allows you and your staff to learn your system. This gives you the opportunity to discuss and ask questions about any concerns or issues related to the product, system or anything else as you go forward.


Your a-control vendor should be able to show their knowledge and expertise with protecting the software against viruses.


Your a-control provider should explain the benefits of integration into your security systems. For the reason that high-level integration can trigger automated tasks (attendance recording).


The vital purpose of security makes the quality and certainly reliability of solutions critical. Your a-control provider should be able to show how it has made processes that allow them to think of solutions that will deliver a high-quality product.

The emergence of A-Control as cloud-based offering will potentially bring new levels of service and also possibilities into the market. Your A- control agent should be able to discuss the benefits of using cloud.

Originally Posted by: Security Magazine